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The current financial crisis is requiring organizations to be as agile as they have never been before. The need to have certified and accurate information, shared throughout the organization, containing the "Single Version of the Truth" has never been greater. To be truly competitive in business today you must make critical decisions every day, each of which involves risk. Taking a particular gamble with questionable information may work out, but to repeatedly "Bet the Business" on this methodology is asking for trouble. The goal of a competitive business team today is to increase "Shareholder and Client Value" by the management and reduction of risk. The biggest challenge is to close the information gap needed to measure the risk accurately and in the appropriate time frames.

Blue Ocean Technologies was formed to provide businesses with a formula for achieving a "Business and Data Driven" technology approach. It is a software architecture and development consultancy dedicated to eliminating "Informational Risk" within an organization. Our goal is to help our clients in the reduction of Information Risk through a combine structured approach in Knowledge Management, Quantitative and Forecasting Analysis,and Service Oriented Architecture.

Blue Ocean Technologies
believes a fundamental requirement of exceptional decision support systems is timely access to data whenever and wherever needed, in a useful format for the data that can be easily interpreted, accurate and consistent data throughout every department, responsiveness to rapidly changing business conditions, and the ability to share information across the Enterprise is critical in today's environment.

Blue Ocean Technologies approach is to institute a structured Business Development Approach building upon our strengths in Enterprise Architecture Strategy and Planning, Enterprise Data and Applications Architecture, Requirements Definition Models, Analytical Models, Business Operating Models and Software Development. We believe the disciplines of quality information management, quantitative analysis, and decision support architecture must be achieved as a whole unit in order to be affective.

Blue Ocean Technologies solutions bring together the highest quality Data Architecture and Applications Integration as well as Innovative Component Building to create a Reusable Service Oriented Architecture, which produces concrete and measurable results such as:

  • Streamlined Business Practices
  • Increased Productivity
  • Reduced Information and Technology Risks
  • Reduced Technology and Operating costs
  • Increased user satisfaction
  • Maximized Return on Investment and optimal use of capital

Blue Ocean Technologies will work with your organization to develop an Architectural Blueprint of the Service Oriented and Information Delivery Architecture which will provide for rapid development, promote a high degree of reusability in Applications and Data Management, scalable and reliable. This will provide managers across the organization with the analytical capabilities needed to manage the firm in real-time.

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