Blue Ocean Technologies LLC
Business-Driven Technology Consulting

Our Approach

Blue Ocean Technologies will work with Business and Technology together, to develop an architectural blueprint of the current environment. Then develop a modified architecture which will provide for rapid development, promote a high degree of reusability, aggregate data across the organization which will provide key decision makers with the analytical capabilities needed to manage the firm in real-time.

Blue Ocean Technologies takes a realistic approach to technology investment. Much of the risk in development is in back-end systems, integration and new technologies such as collaboration filtering. Performance and reliability are the principals that guide us. We do not spend money that does not make money, as a result our client won't lose money, time, or competitive advantage by making wrong decisions.

Blue Ocean Technologies help our clients identify Business Requirements and a set of functional needs. We help analyze the current and potential user base, tasks, internal impact, critical success factors, and possible risk areas. This results in a collaborative plan that yields several key benefits:

  • Close and extensive communication, focused on high-level goals and the way the client does business, fosters project enthusiasm and acceptance and establishes a Business-Based foundation for a system.
  • A combination of strategic and technical expertise helps the client prioritize functional and technical requirements that will meet the objectives in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.
  • Risk areas are identified and solutions tested early to avoid problems later.
    Project scope control provides a set of actions and milestones that are common, clear, and focused, so that expectations and goals are shared from the beginning.

Blue Ocean Technologies develops architectures that consist of multiple viewpoints that allow for adaptable systems that support system development by assembly of interchangeable parts. The multiple view approach is ideal for complex distributed systems where differing technologies must inter-operate. The result is Business architecture that drives technology (not the other way around) and this is a distinct advantage to our clients.

Blue Ocean Technologies believes that timely access to data whenever and wherever needed, a useful format for the data that can be easily interpreted, accurate and consistent data throughout every department, responsiveness to rapidly changing business conditions, and the ability to share information across the Enterprise is critical in today's environment. The process begins with an understanding of the enterprise and the data that constitute its information infrastructure. To be useful, information systems must be derived from this base of knowledge about the enterprise else they risk limited applicability and being perceived as more bothersome than valuable.

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