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Enterprise Component Architecture

Blue Ocean Technologies can help clients identify, plan, execute and document the components of an Enterprise Architecture:

Layer 1 - Where we start

  • Planning Initiation
    • What methodology to use
    • Who will be involved
    • What tools will be used
  • Planning Initiation Steps
    • Determine scope and objectives
    • Create a vision
    • Adopt a planing methodology
    • Arrange computer resources
    • Assemble the planning team
    • Prepare the workplan
    • Obtain/Confirm commitment and funding

Layer 2 - Where we are today

  • Compile a knowledge base about the business and systems used in conducting the business
  • Business Model Steps
    • Document the organization structure
    • Identify and define the business functions
      • What information is used to perform a function
      • When is the function performed
      • Where is the function performed
      • How often is the function performed
      • What opportunities exist to improve the function
    • Document the preliminary business model and distribute and present it back to the business community for comment
  • Current Systems and Technology Architecture
    • Define all systems and technology platforms in use
    • Major deliverable is the Information Resource Catalog

Layer 3- Where we want to be in the future

  • Data Architecture - defines the major kinds of data needed to support the business
    • Define categories of data
      • Master data
      • Transactional data
      • Reference data
      • Metadata
      • Historical data
    • Define and assess data quality
    • Determine quality dimensions
    • Define the information environment
      • Platform
      • Acquisition
      • Validation
      • Distribution
    • Determine business impact
  • Application Architecture
    • List candidate applications
    • Define the applications
    • Relate applications to functions
    • Analyze impact to current applications
    • Distribute the application architecture
  • Technology Architecture - defines the technology platforms needed to provide an environment for applications
    • Identify technology principles and platforms
    • Define the platform and distribution
    • Relate the technology platforms to applications and business functions
    • Distribute the technology architecture

Layer 4 - How we get there

  • Implementation / migration plans - defines the sequence for implementation, applications, a schedule for implementation, a cost/benefit analysis, and propose a clear path to execution.
  • Implementation Plan
    • Sequence the applications
    • Estimate the effort, resources, and schedules
    • Estimate costs and benefits
    • Determine success factors


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