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Enterprise Architecture Strategy

Blue Ocean Technologies can help its clients develop the execution strategy for any Enterprise Architecture initiative. Three key disciplines for execution of an Enterprise Architecture Strategy:

  • Clear definition of the firm's Business Operating Model
    • Identify the processes that distinguish your firm competitively
    • Determine what elements of those processes should be standardized
    • Envision your firm's experience as it ought to be. Determine what integration of data and end-to-end connection of processes is necessary
    • Decide how you would like the firm to grow
  • Enterprise Architecture model which is the long-term view of a company's processes, systems, and technologies
  • IT Engagement model which is the system of Governance mechanisms that ensure business and IT projects achieve business objectives

Four General Types of Operating Models:

  • Diversification (low standardization, low integration)
  • Coordinated (low standardization, high integration)
  • Replication (high standardization, low integration)
  • Unification (high standardization, high integration)

The Key to Effective Enterprise Architecture is to Identify:

  • Processes
  • Data
  • Technologies
  • Interfaces

Execution Foundation for Enterprise Architecture:

  • Analyze your existing foundation
  • Define your operating model
  • Design your architecture
  • Set priorities
  • Design and implement an engagement model
  • Exploit the foundation for future growth

Enterprise Architecture Levels:

  • Business process architecture
  • Data / Information Architecture
  • Application Architecture
  • Technology Architecture

Common Elements in Enterprise Architecture:

  • Core Business processes
  • Shared data driving core processes
  • Key linking and automating technologies
  • Key users / customers of the system

Stages of Architecture Maturity

  • Business silos architecture
  • Standardized technology architecture
  • Optimized core architecture
  • Business modularity architecture

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