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Data Governance

Because Information Management is a new field, practitioners have focused on structured data and have shied away from more ambiguous aspects of governance such as Information Lifecycle Management (ILM), accountability, monitoring and Information Return on Investment.

Blue Ocean Technologies believes a starting point for this solution relates to a consistent definition of this area and then provides assets related to people, process, organization and technologies required for improved Information Governance.

Blue Ocean Technologies sees these factors as key to a Successful Governance Program:

  • Accountability
  • Efficient Operating Models
  • Common Methodology
  • Standards Model
  • Architecture
  • Comprehensive Scope
  • Information Value Assessment
  • Senior Leadership
  • Historical Quantification
  • Strategic Approach
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Flexibility for Change
  • Governance Tools

Data Quality Management involves more than just addressing historical data quality issues through data profiling and re-engineering. It involves preventing theses issues from occurring in the first place. Issue prevention is complex, sometimes involving changes to source systems, business processes, and supporting technology.

Data Governance can be seen to mean more than just data quality. It is a collection of best practices around the management of information; the ability to secure data, provide real-time access to data and deal with complex integration issues. Organizational efficiency and agility are also part of the Data Governance process.

Blue Ocean Technologies can and has help clients establish a comprehensive and effective Data Governance initiative.

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