Blue Ocean Technologies LLC
Business-Driven Technology Consulting

Our Mission

Blue Ocean Technologies was formed to provide businesses with a formula for achieving a "Business and Data Driven" technology approach. It is a software architecture and development consultancy dedicated to eliminating "Informational Risk" within the organization by working with the business and technology together as a unit. It develops an architectural assessment of the current environment and formulates a high-level blueprint of data, applications and infrastructure integration that results in technology that is cost-effective, maintainable and scalable.

Blue Ocean Technologies starts with business objectives and processes and the recognition of the need to acquire and share information. It is nothing more than managing information flows, categorizing and defining relationships, validating, organizing, then distributing the information to people or system who need it quickly.

Smart Company in a Complex World

Blue Ocean Technologies believes a business-driven development approach means that not only applications are important; equal focus must be given to information management and integration. Taking this approach will impact not only the technology solution, but also how the organization is run, and how programs are typically funded. Moving to a business-driven approach means that application implementation at the project level no longer solely drives the architecture and the Technology Back-plane; the integration layer as well as the data layer is funded and implemented at the enterprise level.

Blue Ocean Technologies assignments are as diverse as the financial clients we serve. Blue Ocean is not just an IT company, we focus on the business challenges and business strategies and translate those challenges and strategies into technology solutions, which will grow and scale as the companies need to change.

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