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Anthony J. Stucchio

Mr. Stucchio is a seasoned results and quality-oriented business and technology professional, with over 25 years of service in both the Business/Financial and Technology sectors. He holds a Masters of Business Administration in Finance and a Bachelors of Science in Marketing from St. John's University in New York.

Starting his career as a Foreign Exchange Trader and later as a Risk Management Consultant at Chase Manhattan Bank, he blended his financial background with his passion for technology. He has served as Manager and Lead Technologist in a number of institutions in New York and San Francisco. He has demonstrated his ability to translate and communicate business needs and technology concepts, to both end-users and developers to achieve strategic and financial goals. He has consistently reduced IT expenditures while increasing quality, performance, and business usability by creating Business Driven Technology. Mr. Stucchio's technical skills include:Relational, Dimensional, and Object Modeling, Database and Data Warehouse design, and Enterprise Architecture combining Java and C++.

Mr. Stucchio has perfected the use of Data Warehousing, Application and Information Integration, reusable distributed components, fault tolerant nonstop redundant computing, and real-time messaging systems used by the largest trading organizations. At several leading financial organizations, he reorganized and re-engineered the IT divisions into a strategic asset by creating architectures for Straight-Through-Processing built around Data Integrity and Integration, reusable Web Technology.

Christian Stucchio

Christian Stucchio received his Ph.D. in Mathematics from Rutgers University and is now a member of the faculty at The Courant Institute of NYU. Dr. Stucchio is an experienced computational scientist with a background in probability, partial differential equations and theoretical physics. He is skilled in both the theory of numerical algorithms and their practical implementation in software. In addition to working with Blue Ocean Technologies he continues teaching (courses range from Probability to higher level Calculus) in the Department of Mathematics at New York University. In addition, Dr. Stucchio is currently developing a model-based reconstruction algorithm for MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), as well as a supporting library of computational geometry algorithms. This involves both image processing and computational geometry, and is implemented in C++ and Python using Numpy, Matplotlib and Boost. He is also developing new numerical algorithms for solving wave equations (particularly E&M and superfluids), as well as building a model of quantum decoherence to help understand the measurement problem.

Dr. Stucchio has been a speaker at numerous conferences relating to both Mathematics and software development. Speaking engagements include:

  • Frontiers in Applied and Computational Mathematics
  • University of Chicago Applied Mathematics Seminar
  • SIAM Conference on Dynamical Systems
  • Princeton Mathematical Physics Seminar

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