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Framework for Data Quality

Developing a common architectural framework is an important part of a holistic approach to Information Governance and Stewardship. Key aspects of the architecture in relation to this offering include:

  • A systematic approach that goes from building the Blueprint Conceptual Architecture to an incremental Solution Architecture
  • A detailed methodology for product selection, design and construction
  • Defines a standards-based, services-driven architecture
  • Provides an approach that allows capabilities to be delivered progressively

Blue Ocean Technologies helps their clients establish a Framework for Information Quality. The Framework provides a logical structure for understanding the components that contribute to information quality and usability. This Framework will help in understanding the complex environment that creates information quality problems. Most important the Framework enables organized thinking so that the client can effectively plan and create quality data, and implement improvements as needed. Once the Framework is established it can be used as a tool for:

  • Diagnosis - Assess clients practices and processes; realize where breakdowns are occurring and determine if all components necessary for information quality are present; identify which components are missing and use them as input to project priorities and initial root cause analysis
  • Planning - Propose new processes to ensure that components impacting information quality can be addressed; determine where to invest time, money, and resources
  • Communication - Explain the components required for and impacting information quality

Blue Ocean Technologies will help the client measure their data quality against 12 dimensions. Data Quality Dimensions are aspects or features of quality. They provide a way to measure and manage quality of data and information. Differentiating the dimensions of quality will help clients:

  • Match dimensions against a business need and prioritize which assessments to complete first
  • Understand what the client will get from assessing each dimension
  • Better define and manage the sequence of activities in the project plan within time and resource constraints

Blue Ocean Technologies will also help clients plan the Life Cycle of the project across a 10 step process.

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